The Croatian Society of Orthodontics (CSO WEBSITE) was established in Zagreb on October 6, 2006, on the principles of Croatian orthodontics, ethics, collegiality and promotion of the values of the orthodontic profession. The Croatian Society of Orthodontics has ever since been organizing professional meetings in various towns of Croatia with both domestic and foreign speakers. The activities and principles of the Society were recognized by the Croatian Medical Association, which introduced the Croatian Society of Orthodontics among its professional societies on March 6, 2010. Joining the Croatian Medical Association represented a great acknowledgement of our efforts.

Society continually organize meetings on current topics. Thanks to the engagement of our members, information from various international congresses is exchanged and presented among colleagues. Croatian orthodontics, like any other branch of medicine or dental medicine, is founded on scientific and professional learnings, accelerating technological advancement, computerization and access to information, as well as the efforts of orthodontists who, in their practice, promote ideas of progress and medical care for their patients. The orthodontists face difficult and challenging requirements every day, and they expect and need support from their association, as well as advice and security in doing their job. In line with health care legislation, the Croatian Society of Orthodontics published Informed Consent and Acceptance of Orthodontic Treatment, available to members in printed form, and comprising all the necessary elements for any orthodontic therapy approach.

The tasks of the Society are: pool orthodontists and professionals of related professions in order to advance all areas of orthodontics; provide professional, scientific and material assistance with the aim of improving educational and scientific activities at faculties and institutes in the area of orthodontics and to popularize orthodontics; hold public meetings, lectures, seminars and courses; organize scientific and expert meetings and congresses, inform the general public on the Society’s activities through various media, scientific or professional publications or by any other appropriate means of information; provide professional assistance to its members and strengthen collaboration with related organizations in Croatia and abroad.