ISSN: 1849-3858
Special Issue 1 2020
Please cite as: South Eur J Orthod Dentofac Res

This Special Issue is published in tribute to the Croatian Society of Orthodontics Congress “Orthodontics – this time tomorrow” that was planned for December 2020 but was canceled due to Covid-19 pandemics.

Orthodontics – this time tomorrow
Nakas E.

Fixed Lingual Retainer Positioner: A narrative review /full text ceoncees/ /full text hrcak/
Lakhanam M, Srivastava K, Singh R.

Assessment of facial landmarks for bone asymmetry in geometric morphometric studies: A review /full text ceoncees/ /full text hrcak/
Rupic I, Cukovic-Bagic I, Ivkovic V, Lauc T.

Relationship between obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and orthodontic malocclusion in non-obese adults: A narrative review /full text ceoncees/ /full text hrcak/
Carsimamovic Dz, Nakas E, Tiro A.


Herbst appliance palatally anchored in the treatment of dental Class II malocclusion: a case report /full text ceoncees/ /full text hrcak/
Riccardo R, Di Leonardo B, Contardo L.

Bullying and malocclusion in adolescence: a case report. /full text ceoncees/ /full text hrcak/
Ratolo RP, Nucci L, Grassia V, Perillo L, d’Apuzzo F.