ISSN: 1849-3858
Vol. 5 / No.2 / Sep/Oct 2018
Please cite as: South Eur J Orthod Dentofac Res

StaTips Part V: The adjustment of the P value in the context of multiple comparisons /full text ceoncees/ /full text hrcak/
Perinetti G.

Socioeconomic condition and dietary habits in relation to oral health in 12-year-old children from Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina /full text ceoncees/ /full text hrcak/
Zukanovic A, Nakas E, Markovic N, Arslanagic A.

Age-specific sex differences in weight, height and cephalofacial dimensions among Ebonyi Indigenes in Nigeria
/full text ceoncees/ /full text hrcak/
Obaje GS et al.

Evaluating the sterility of orthodontic materials as received from the manufacturer and that exposed to clinic environment – in vitro study
/full text ceoncees/ /full text hrcak/
Musaddique SS

5th International orthodontic symposium Alpe Adria, Sarajevo, September 8th, 2018 /download here/
4th International congress of Croatian Society of Orthodontics, Zagreb, December 6th-8th, 2018 /download here/