ISSN: 1849-3858
Vol. 7 / No.1 / April/May 2020
Please cite as: South Eur J Orthod Dentofac Res

StaTips Part VIII: Confidence interval for the sample mean /full text ceoncees/ /full text hrcak/
Perinetti G.

Maxillary premolars extraction or molar distalization with or
without TAD’s: cephalometric evaluation of soft tissue changes in Class II treatment. /full text ceoncees/ /full text hrcak/
Moser L, Di Lorenzo E, Serafin M, Maino G, Schneider-Moser U, Cozzani M, Caprioglio A.

Experimental evaluation of strength degradation of orthodontic chain elastics exposed to cigarette combustion smoke /full text ceoncees/ /full text hrcak/
Ferraz C, Mathias P, Costa M, Pithon M, Braga E.

Choice of the retention method after an orthodontic treatment: A narrative review /full text ceoncees/ /full text hrcak/
Jeleskovic A, Redzepagic-Vrazalica L, Dzemidzic V, Tiro A, Nakas E.