ISSN: 1849-3858
Vol. 7 / No.2 / Sep/Oct 2020
Please cite as: South Eur J Orthod Dentofac Res

Comparison of cephalometric craniofacial features and facial photographic features for two generations of patients. /full text ceoncees/ /full text hrcak/
Mirdehghan N, Sharif K, Kalia A, Mirdehghan M, Mirdehghan K, Khan NN.

Evaluation of long-term sagittal lip changes using Burstone line: pilot study. /full text ceoncees/ /full text hrcak/
Sathekge R, Lesar C.

Retention of mini-screws in orthodontics – a comparative in vitro study on the variables. /full text ceoncees/ /full text hrcak/
Asok N, Singh K, Tandon R, Chandra P.

Comparison of Transversal Effects of Different Expansion Protocols: Alt-RAMEC versus RME. /full text ceoncees/ /full text hrcak/
Kale B, Buyukcavus MH.

Relationship between the Skeletal Position of Maxilla and Rapid Maxillary Expansion Failure./full text ceoncees/ /full text hrcak/
Celebi F, Akbulut S.

1st Congress of the Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Rijeka and 7th Alpe Adria International Orthodontic Symposium “Facial skeletal discrepancies and orthognathic surgery”, Rijeka, October 1st-3rd 2020. /download here/